Welcome to The Birthday Perspective (August 6, 2012)

Hello, and welcome to my blog: The Birthday Perspective! s noted in the "About" section of this site: 

This blog features updates on my daughter, Harbor, as she grows and does more and more incredible things every day. Additionally, it is a space for me to write about adjusting and transitioning to a stage of life that not many men in Western culture have experienced: staying at home with a child during the traditional work day. i will write about a number of topics (e.g., life, family, faith, music, games, movies), all through the lens or perspective of a newborn. I'm learning to see the world through my daughter's wonderful birthday perspective, and I welcome you to join me for the adventure.

i intend to write about all of the topics listed above while focusing especially on my daughter and different things I've learned while hanging out with her. Some of the upcoming posts will include looks at Harbor's favorite outfits, the best indie female-fronted alternative rock songs to play for a baby, finding time to eat, managing stressful parenting situations, pick-up-and play games for dads who have to stop playing games at a moment's notice when the baby is ready to party ... err, eat, and ell, I guess that is about it for now. Inspiration will strike frequently, and I will update as appropriate. Additionally, my amazing soulmate of over 10 years, Sarah, maintains a blog that focuses entirely on the kiddo if that is of interest to you. It can be found here

Although I will only be a stay-at-home father for a temporary period of time, it is something that I love and will cherish forever. Everything is changing, and for the first time that doesn't scare me. Perhaps that's the first lesson to learn: When change comes for the benefit of those you love (and who love you), it's simply a step in a different direction. And as long as the people you love are a part of the change, a new direction can be a beautiful thing.