Smiling, Not Sleeping (September 21, 2012)

Hello again! It has been exactly one month since the last update on the site. A lot has happened since then, and I want to go ahead and say that it will definitely not be a month until the next update.  From now on, there will be a new post on The Birthday Perspective every Friday!

I wrote a song yesterday with the help of Harbor, so if I can find some time to record a higher quality video this time around, that will be next week's update. If not, you will hear the song in the not too distant future. It's a bit better than "You Are My Bay," due to me spending a half hour writing it instead of a half minute. Still, a half hour is a far cry from the amount of time I used to spend writing songs. 

So ... this week's update is about some of the funny moments I've had while parenting. Although there have been a variety of funny moments with my charismatic little girl, i've been surprised recently at the timing of her comedy: bed time.

While holding my darling Harbor and rocking her to sleep, I have to be very careful not to make too much eye contact with her. Some reading might ask, "But eye contact is good, right?". Yes, eye contact is generally good; in fact, I've spent many an hour teaching college students about the importance of eye contact and other nonverbal communication in public speaking situations. However, when the goal is for a 4 and 1/2 month old to nap, eye contact can be a very, very, dangerous (yet comedic thing). In my case, making eye contact with Harbor while rocking her to sleep often results in a huge, mischievous smile from my angelic girl. Immediately. There is no opportunity to quickly look away before her smile lights up the room that once was dark so as to encourage sleep. 

So when I begin to rock her and see that she is starting to nod off, I make it a point to look away for five to ten minutes at the time. i look at the wall; i think about Auburn's chance at success in football this season; I read on my cell phone; I do a little bit of everything to distract myself from making direct eye contact with the charming baby in my arms. After a suitable amount of time, I check to see if she is sleeping....SMILE! Perhaps she detects my movement and thinks we are in the midst of a game (that clearly she is winning). Perhaps she thinks she's rocking me to sleep and is smiling at how long it is taking me to dose off. Who knows?

All i know is in that moment when our eyes meet and the smile grows across her face, the world is a beautiful, beautiful place ... and sleep can wait.