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Train of Thought

Train of Thought is a sci-fi novella published through Amazon. 


It tells the following story:

Geoff was born to serve. He wakes up early, checks the train’s equipment (even though such checks are against Unitrak’s rules), and gives all of himself to his employer. And Geoff has more to give than any other member of his alien kind, the multiprocessing Cogitarians. He has the ability to carry out mental executions at the rate of eight brilliant human brains, a true gift. Like many gifts, however, it proves to be a blessing and a curse when he is promoted to the highest Cogitarian rank: Lead Energy Maker. As Geoff is tasked with providing enough mental power to move the train from one location to another, he must also address the inconsistencies in Unitrak’s messages of world restoration. How could the company that saved the entire Cogitarian kind and provided them with a permanent home be interested in anything other than rebuilding societies? In Geoff’s journey to regain trust in his employer and the worldviews they have given him, he begins to question everything: his day-to-day work, his father’s hidden rage, his mother’s unexplained disappearance, and the reasoning behind a rogue organization’s attacks on the train. Ultimately, he must decide where he will direct his intense mental abilities: into the train or into a new train of thought.

Excerpt from the book:

There was definitely something wet near Michael’s face when he finally snapped out of it. He soon remembered that it was blood, hopefully just his own. The dissenter who had played no small part in ruining Geoff’s inauguration wasn’t surprised that he had bled so much while unconscious. He was, however, surprised that he was still lying in the hallway where he had fallen some time earlier. No guards had dragged him to a holding cube. No friends or family had dragged him back to his home. It was just Michael, alone and covered in what he now knew was a mixture of vomit and blood in a large, vacant hallway.“ Ah, I must be dead,” Michael mumbled to himself while rising to his feet. He looked around and sighed deeply, an indication that the afterlife was too boring for him.